Artist: Rachael Bartunek - Sponsor: Ward Arcuri Law Firm -  Current Bid: $300 (Updated 7/3/17)

Artist: Kelly Boden - Sponsor: Alteri's Restaurant - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Sally Glouse - Sponsor: Tom's Natural Foods - Current Bid: $200 (Updated 7/12/17)

Artist: Adam Guhin - Sponsor: Nola's Restaurant - Current Bid: $180 (Updated 7/3/17)

Artist: Angela Johnson - Sponsor: Owens-Pavlot & Rogers Funeral Service - Current Bid: $300 (Updated 7/6/17)

Artist: Cassia Hameline - Sponsor: Clinton Agway - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Robin Jones - Sponsor: Coldwell Bankder Faith Properties - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Jennifer Krawiec - Sponsor: Krizia Martin - Current Bid: $300 (Updated 7/6/17)

Artist: Cris Lewis - Sponsor: Coldwell Banker Sexton Real Estate - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Crystal Maury - Sponsor: Clinton Wine & Spirits - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Roger Maxam - Sponsor: Hunt Real Estate - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Casey Miller - Sponsor: Pinny & George Kuckel - Current Bid: $500 (Updated 7/6/17)

Artist: Amy Pape - Sponsor: Hamilton College - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Tim Pryputniewicz - Sponsor: Artisans' Corner - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Megan Ratcliffe - Sponsor: North Star Orchards - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Tim Rand - Sponsor: Ali-Linz Home and Accessories - Starting Bid: $150

Artist: Angelica Rae - Sponsor: Pondra's Home and Hearth Realty - Current Bid: $250 (Updated 7/6/17)

Artist: Clare Rieben - Sponsor: The Burns Agency - Starting Bid: $300

Artist: Tony Thompson - Sponsor: Empress Travel - Current Bid: $170 (Updated 7/3/17)

Artist: Nancy Rouillier-Jones - Sponsor: Clinton Tractor & Implement Co. - Current Bid: $450 (Updated 7/1/17)

Artist: Lucie Wellner - Sponsor: The Village Crossing - Current Bid: $250 (Updated 7/24/17)

Artist: Caitlin Ziobro - Sponsor: The Arbor Inn of Clinton - Starting Bid: $150

Art Rocks

June  - September 2017


The picturesque Village of Clinton will again be the setting for Art Rocks, when this popular event returns this summer.  In the past, hand-crafted rockers, mini rockers and tables, each featuring original artwork painted by a local artist, will be displayed from June to August both inside and outside of businesses and merchants throughout the village and beyond. Maps showing the location of the rockers will be available at any business where a rocker is displayed. Visitors will marvel at the artist’s creativity with rockers that may be described as contemporary, whimsical, classical, folksy, edgy, avant-guard or crafty. These masterful and functional works of art are available for purchase to the highest bidder, with bids being taken throughout the summer and concluding with a live auction scheduled for Thursday, September 7 on the Clinton Village Green.  Now that Art Rocks has returned, it is time to “Get Rockin’ in Clinton.” 

Bidding is now OPEN! - Art Rocks Bidding and Auction Information

  • Bids can be placed via email at: 

         -Please include name of artist, your name, address, phone # and bid amount

  • You can also place a bid by submitting a bid form at a participating sponsor location. Click here to download a bid form.
  • The bidding will end with a Live Auction Thursday, September 7th at 7pm on the Village Green in Clinton.
  • Winning bidders must pay for their rocker or table at the conclusion of the auction.
  • All payments must be cash or credit card only (no checks will be accepted).
  • Reserve Bids:  If you are unable to attend the Live Auction, you may place a reserve bid.  A reserve bid is the highest amount you wish to pay.  Someone from our committee will bid on your behalf in $10.00 increments until you either win the item or have been outbid. For more information on reserve bids, please call 315-853-4928.
  • Bids will be updated on the Clinton Chamber of Commerce website -

Artist: Rand Adsit - Sponsor: ACCESS Federal Credit Union - Starting Bid: $150

Thank you to Adam Brockway Photography for taking the pictures of the chairs and benches. To learn more about Adam Brockway Photography, visit